Russell simmons dating cynthia bailey

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas' marriage has been torn apart by 'RHOA' least that's how Peter sees it, now that he's moved out of their Atlanta home.TMZ has learned the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' stars are now living in separate states -- CB's in their ATL home, while Peter's in their Charlotte crib.We're told it's been this way for months, because Peter decided he doesn't want to do 'Housewives' anymore.I am genuinely happy that our friendship has formed in the wake.I’m also happy that he has found someone else whose company he enjoys. Perhaps I’m having an ability to be honest about the realities we live in, how I process them and what my reaction is. Sometimes a White Stringy Haired b*tch is a White Stringy Haired b*tch.” Looking back now, how does Katie feel about her choice to put her feelings (an Russ’s girlfriend) on blast? Enough said.” When asked if she had any remorse about the public break-up from Russell, Katie clarified that she has made peace with her ex, “I love everything about Russell Simmons and Kimora and how he handles himself as a friend, a mentor, a businessman, and a civil rights advocate. Don’t regret a thing.” Since Katie still has Russ on speed dial, it sounds like the two have made up – probably minus the kissing.No, no, no people, I’m not going to hate on Julie Henderson! (I’m more partial to the ethnic look, but to each their own.)”“If I make broad and ridiculous statements about entire groups of people, if I criticize someone for aspects that are not fully encompassing our respectful to there true self, which is a divine being, a child of God, a vessel of love and light….. Well, the former model is sticking by her words, “I own everything I do. I have a right to be happy and sad and everything in between.

Katie clarified that Russell started dating a new girl while she was still living with him – and that she was demoted to the guest room.

Katie explained, “I flipped out on him, then I went off on her, and then I wrote a few blogs about it.” Well, leave it to Gizelle to ask, “Are they Google-able? (Yes I am) but I’m totally ok with the fact that my time with Russell was beautiful but brief.

He thinks the show drama -- which has focused on their marital issues -- is making it too hard to patch things up when cameras are off.

Despite promos for the upcoming reunion that mention cheating rumors ...

we're told Cynthia doesn't think Peter's stepping out on her.

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