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You set up credit control areas and other data related to credit management in Customizing for Financial Accounting.

The implementation guide is under Enterprise Structure - Settings for determining the credit control area of a document.

The settings of items 1 - 4 are taken into account according to their priority. Transaction Here, the individual credit checks for key fields o credit control area o risk category o credit group are set.

Credit and risk management takes place in the credit control area.

If, on the other hand, your credit policy requires decentralized credit management, you can define credit control areas for each company code or each group of company codes.Credit limits and credit exposure are managed at both credit control area and customer level.In addition to the above information structures, the standard shipment also includes information structures that are used internally (S066/67 Credit Management, S060 rebate processing and S009/14 sales support).MCTA is reading data in table S001, which will not give invoice details as this is a summation of data based on the billing date.T-code MCVV will allow you to simulate how a single invoice would update all SIS structures.

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