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Unfortunately, reality dating shows seem bent on creating hilarious drama at the expense of happy relationships.Dating Shows: Helping People Fall All Over Themselves for All the Wrong Reasons The most common format of reality dating shows is to feature a group of people competing for one member of the opposite sex.Not only do they get the “prized” guy or girl, winners are usually promised an additional reward—the security of marrying a multi-millionaire, the celebrity of a dating rock star, something to make their efforts even more worthwhile.Whatever the payoff, reality-show contestants seem to be motivated by everything but the quest for true love.All Categories Action & Adventure Animation Arts Business Comedy Documentary Drama Educational Events & Specials Fantasy Food & Cooking Game Show Health & Lifestyle Horror Kids Music News Reality Science Science Fiction Sports Suspense Talk & Interview Tech & Gaming Travel All Networks Amazon Prime Amazon A&E ABC ABC Family AMC Adult Swim BBC BBC America BBC Two Bravo CBC CBS CTV Canal+ Cartoon Network Channel 4 Cinemax Comedy Central Discovery Channel Disney Channel Disney XD E!Type: Reality TV NOW CASTING ATTRACTIVE SENIOR MEN, AGES 55-70 Looking for Singles who want to go on a First Date.Just a simple dating show with no games or gimmicks.

There’s no doubt about it: producers hit gold with reality television. Even though reality television may be past its prime, there’s still no shortage of shows featuring ordinary people doing supposedly ordinary things—traveling with a loved one, losing weight, working for a tyrant in a black suit. From “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” to “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?” and “Newlyweds,” never has television spent so many hours examining the lives of couples—how they meet, fight, and, more often than not, break up.And in the wake of Nick and Jessica, Carmen and Dave, Travis and Shanna, and the media frenzy that surrounded these breakups, can we trust reality television to have any positive role in creating or documenting committed couples?They seem to be vying for notoriety, money, a shot at being on TV and creating drama for a willing public. A few contestants go on to get their own show later (à la runner-up Tiffany “New York” Pollard of “Flavor of Love” fame).So these contestants battle it out to keep themselves on the show for one more episode, creating lots of humor and drama for viewers.

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But by the end, the goal—being in a normal, committed relationship—is lost amid the fighting, name-calling, and chaos. In 11 seasons of “The Bachelor,” for example, 10 out of 11 romantic conclusions resulted in hasty breakups, reneged engagement plans, or simply no engagement at all.

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