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If there are people home it will make it more fun, when you get to our room stay naked for at least an hour, and then try to sneek back to the bathroom and get your clothes. Then when you see a young pedestrian, stick your self out of the car and ask if they have ever seen a girl/guy naked.

Give yourself a wedgie as high as it can go, then put your arms through the leg holes and make it come up to your shoulders like a shirt. no matter their answer flash them then if you have that third person get them to pull down your pants and feel you up as the driver goes away slowly.

Walk around with nothing on except your underwear, and you've gotta keep your arms through the holes. The dare is to go into the bathroom, take off your clothes so you're topless, find some make-up and draw a smiley face using your nipples as eyes, your belly button as your nose and draw a mouth below your waist. Find a day or weekend or something when your parents won't be home, so you'll have time to yourself.

(Works for guys and girls)Go all day with your zipper down. As soon as they leave or when you wake up, try to spend the day naked.

- Girls also do it in your bra cups.)Go to the bathroom farthest away from your room. When someone mentions that your zipper is open, say "thank you" and zip up, but when they leave, zip down again. Ok this works better with a girl but guys could definitely do it.Strip down and use nothing to cover up, then try to make it back to your room with your hands to the side. Get you and 2 other friends together and go in the car to anywhere.- Extra Credit - Try to masturbate at least once an hour - *with something in the house that you probably wouldn't think of masturbating with.* Try it with different things like (Girls) the TV remote, pens, jewelry, etc. Wear a skirt (guys-pants/shorts) with nothing under. So i dare you to so at least at five different places! In front of a non-romantic friend of the opposite sex, remove all your clothing, using just the hand towel to preserve your modesty. When you're naked, you friend can leave the room so that you can get dressed again. Perhaps a mall or an outdoor terrace, somewhere where you can be easily seen.Every time you sit down, make sure that you sit on your bare butt. As you're walking, suddenly stop and break into song.Sing LOUDLY so that everyone around can hear you well.

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Don't scream, just make it sound deliberate, even practiced. Encourage others to join in on this impromptu performance.

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