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Fortunately, those who’ve been there know about places like Cape May, where visitors enjoy calm ocean breezes, historic Victorian homes, and the comforting knowledge that they are as far away geographically from New York City as any point in New Jersey.too seriously, the Gulf Coast beaches might be the state’s most underrated draw.And the best of the bunch is Gulf Shores, known for its bright pastel houses and annual Hangout Music Festival, which attracts rock-and-roll fans from all over the South (did somebody say Ok, so you MIGHT encounter a Marine or 12 if you venture over to this little beach town on the southeastern side of Oahu.In what doubles as the nicest military base town in America, Kailua boasts one of the calmest turquoise beaches in the islands, and is a perfect alternative to nearby (and tourist-saturated) Waikiki.

Also, two of the best burger joints in the state -- Skinny’s and Duffy’s.When discussing Pacific Northwest beach towns, Seaside, OR, is the name that typically tops the list.But it wouldn't be very Oregon of us to tell you about a place that’s totally mainstream.So instead we're going with Seaside’s cool little neighbor, Cannon Beach, which's chocked-full art galleries, seafood joints, and even a distillery.Its most famous attraction though is Haystack Rock -- aka that rock you saw in Nowhere in the country did the plague that is reality television hit harder than on the Jersey Shore.

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What was once a collection of quaint beach towns is now thought of worldwide as a Mecca for GTL and fist pumping.

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  1. The other main reason it seems like a good idea is that the major obstacle I've had over the years to getting together with someone, even though I'm perfectly confident and successful in other areas of my life, is my inability to show interest in someone as more than just a friend, due to fear of rejection/making things awkward with someone who I'd like to remain friends with.