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Commonwealth of Virginia 05/17/2016 No error in trial courts finding that evidence was sufficient to support conviction of felony hit and run where appellant failed to disclose that he was the driver of the vehicle to the officer at the scene of the accident 0767151 Lashant Leonardo White v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 08/02/2016 Trial court erred in denying appellants proposed instruction on justifiable self-defense where appellant presented evidence to support his claim of self-defense 8888881 Cases Appealed to the Supreme Court of Virginia 08/02/2016 0854154 Kevin Coe v.

Seon Hwa Coe 07/26/2016 No error in trial courts findings that appellee met her burden to establish childs habitual residence was Korea, that appellant violated appellees custody rights, that appellant had an opportunity to object to final order, and that award of attorneys fees and costs to appellee was appropriate; additional arguments barred by Rules 5A:18 and 5A:20 1975153 Robert Van Buren, Sr. Augusta County and Virginia Association of Counties Group Self Insurance 07/19/2016 Commission erred in finding appellee did not suffer an injury by accident and in denying appellee medical benefits and temporary total disability benefits 1209153 Lewis Daniel Nimety v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 06/28/2016 Trial court did not abuse its discretion in permitting appellants attorneys to have liberal access to images upon child pornography charges were based while prohibiting them from obtaining copies of those images 0517153 Timothy Lawrence Doscoli v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 06/21/2016 No error in trial courts finding that officer had probable cause to arrest appellant where arrest was not based on content of appellants speech and appellant had no right to resist a lawful arrest 0864152 Wayne Antonio Bland, Jr. Commonwealth of Virginia 06/07/2016 Trial court did not err in denying appellants motion to suppress where the observations made by the officers combined with information from eyewitness informant provided requisite suspicion to stop appellant and authorized the officers to frisk appellant for weapons 0148153 Donald Keith Epps v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 05/31/2016 No error in trial courts finding that evidence was sufficient to prove abduction and assault and battery were two distinct crimes, committed at different times, and in different rooms of house; delayed entry of presentment order is not a substantive violation that invalidates indictment or deprives trial court of jurisdiction over appellant 0933151 Arthur Amil Zebbs v.

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Commonwealth of Virginia 05/17/2016 Trial court did not err in finding appellant violated terms of his probation where his Fifth Amendment rights were not violated as he faced no possibility of criminal prosecution for admitting crimes during sex offender treatment for which he was on probation as a result of an Alford plea 1117151 Lamarr Ramon Masean Smith v.

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