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(the poisoner of Monserrat) is an Argentinian killer and swindler.Convicted of three murders, she was imprisoned for sixteen years.Her case is one of the most famous in the history of Argentina, with many repercussions and has remained of interest over the years.On March 24, 1979, Carmen Zulema del Giorgio de Venturini, Murano’s cousin, suffered a fall and died on the stairs of a building on Hipólito Yrigoyen Street, where she lived. Zulema’s daughter, Diana María Venturini, found that a promissory note worth 20 million Argentine peso ley was missing from her mother’s belongings.

During the autopsy, examiners discovered cyanide in the body.Investigators discovered poison in the jar mentioned by the doorman.A few days after the death of Nilda, on February 19, 1979, a heart attack had killed Lelia Chicha Formisano de Ayala, another of Yiya’s friends.Murano owed money to both women and both bodies showed signs of cyanide poisoning. On April 27, 1979 the police arrested Murano at her home on Mexico Street.In 1980, she was found unconscious in the prison, Penal de Ezeiza, where she was being held; later, they removed a tumor from her head.

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