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No matter how positive I try to force myself to think, the idea that Liverpool will win all their games from now on just strikes me as preposterous.Runs of 21 wins and one draw belong to the 1980s, and if I was to make such an assumption it would be that United would win more or less every game from now on.Nowadays I look at Liverpools next fixture and think "We could and should win this but..." The draw at Stoke was bad, a bad performance on the heels of a bellicose press conference from Benitez.Fair enough there were games in hand, but it was still quite a formidable gap to make up.I remember walking to school every morning calculating in my head just how Liverpool were to overhaul this gap and emerge Champions for the 18th time.I had both teams' upcoming fixtures in my head until the end of the season, which conisdering how often I have to recheck online nowadays to see who we are playing next weekend, is also quite an accomplisment (or a sign that I wasn't paying enough attention to my schoolwork).Strangely, I managed to identify games where I thought Arsenal would dfrop points and sure enough they tended to do so almost exactly as I seemed to will it (the 1-0 defeat to Coventry at Highfield Road being one I remember deliciously).Slowly but surely Arsenal dropped points at a slow agonising drip and their lead was reduced week after week. Well, mainly because my whole calculations rested on one assumption.

Today Liverpool are two points ahead of Manchester United having led the table for well over a month (I cannot remember us being top for so long since the days of Dalglish).

If the Scum Of All Universes win against Bolton on Saturday we will be second going into the derby on Monday night.

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