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I am straight forward, casual, relaxed, down to earth, REAL.

I am funny, entertaining, a lot of fun.n I am a people person, caring, sensitive to you, respectful, understanding, positive, responsible, a good listener. I will always adore you, keep you first, place you high above all others and treat you as my princess bride.

A tender, understanding man, that loves & has a relationship w/God also.

This does not mean a religious fanatic, just a believer, with faith & conviction, you should know what i mean.

If you do not posses these tools or don't have any ability to communicate with me this way, good luck then. I don't believe in any extreme, controlling right wing political position that is instituted in a way that controls peoples rights to their freedom & speech.

We should all have the right to choose & to decide what religion or political position we believe, without disadvantaging others.

Seeking real, genuine, woman, for friendship to start and be able to see what compatibilities and chemistry exists, for a future serious potential.

I am the most real, i don't have any patience for fake, phony individuals.

Some would say i am being stereotypical & judgmental, but there is a Big difference between that & when many of us have our own particular preference & especially if these preferences are specific & of a certain detail.

Then it is what we are accustomed to & are comfortable with.

I do not understand those that stereotype & are judgmental to other people, i do not do this.

It will become necessary if you have an interest, that you at least have a phone, for future conversations &/or a computer.

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  1. I would love to meet some new friends (no pressure) and see if the other side of my bi-nature will prevail, since I haven´t been with a woman since my 20´s Hi Everyone, welcome to my profile.