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The meteorologist seemed unsure of which forecast model would be best and compared weather models — the North American Mesoscale (NAM) and the Global Forecasting System (GFS).“The American NAM is modern, detail-oriented, prolific, willing if a little impetuous and incredibly reactionary.

The American GFS — the model next door — quite old-fashioned, an open book, easy on the eyes if a little staid at times.

Always talking about the future while white-washing the present.”READ MORE: Hug a meteorologist–It’s National Weatherperson’s Day! government shutdown in October 2013, a hidden message was embedded in a forecast.

This isn’t the first time an Alaskan forecaster has had a bit of fun with the weather. The forecaster went on to ponder some other options.“The Canadian, sometimes a little pro-European, sometimes a little pro-American…

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The team also runs lock-and-key parties, comedy dating events and quizzes.A meteorologist out of Juneau, Alaska, must have been having a boring day (or had recently had a bad speed-dating experience) as he or she issued the forecast for the region.many times hard to read, but often has a sunnier outlook than the others. And that European one…intelligent, trend-setting, and alluring — only appearing twice a day — makes me want more. but wonder if NAM is right.”In the end, it was mostly overcast and cloudy with some light rain.And today I wanted more again so I made my selection. Let’s hope this forecaster is able to find more stability in his or her dating life.But Sometimes I look back and wonder what could have been.”The forecaster goes on to say: “And as I take my European date on my way…NAM whispers…

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