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One of VH1's popular reality TV shows is "Tough Love." In Tough Love, matchmaker Steve Ward is on a quest to teach eight women how to find love in his personalized love bootcamp. Image from Tough my 'love story' reads like a 'horror story' and i've kinda resigned myself to 'fairytales don't happen to girls like me' but am with a new guy now and am adopting some of Steve's advice and so far so good:)Yeah, make sure you trick people into falling in love with you by playing this game with all of these rules, so that your "match" doesn't find out who you really are until you are knocked up and he's stuck.

In each episode, he teaches a few rules and then tests the women. With these rules, he practically guarantees each woman will be able to find true love.

"Like everybody I work with on my show -- I'm not the one changing them.

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I'm just making it so obvious that they need to change that they decide they're going to change. Watch the clip above for more relationship real talk, including what you should say to a partner who needs to change (and check out the full segment here), then click though the slideshow below for some timeless breakup quotes.

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