Syslog is not updating

This can be invaluable in correlating the timing and causes of related events on your system.

It is also important to know that applications frequently don't display errors on the screen, but will usually log them somewhere.

Knowing the precise message that accompanies an error can be vital in researching malfunctions in product manuals, online documentation, and Web searches.

syslog, and the logrotate utility that cleans up log files, are both relatively easy to configure but they frequently don't get their fair share of coverage in most texts.

So just install syslog-ng in Ya ST (rsyslog should be removed automatically then) and it should work.

There are hundreds of Linux applications on the market, each with their own configuration files and help pages.

This variety makes Linux vibrant, but it also makes Linux system administration daunting.

Each system message sent to the syslog server has two descriptive labels associated with it that makes the message easier to handle.

In this case, all messages of severity "info" and above are logged, but none from the mail, cron or authentication facilities/subsystems.

Since I tried to install an application to handle my ipod under linux (that implied installation of many libs) I got many issues (applications that won't launch anymore) I removed the last applications/libs using rpm -qa --last and strictly removed those installed the interval I tried to install this ipod application (3rd party, from source code) As many applications (not so many but they were useful for me) won't launch anymore I was searching for messages in /var/log -- in the var/log/messages files the last message sent was for 22 feb am (since I rebooted many times and did things with my system).

So the problem is: there is no more logs in /var/log/messages some other logs are still updated ( I checked the file and remembered I disabled the redirection of logs on console 10 # # Most warning and errors on tty10 and on the xconsole pipe: # #destination console { file("/dev/tty10" suppress(30) owner(-1) group(-1) perm(-1)); }; #log { source(src); source(chroots); filter(f_console); destination(console); }; #destination xconsole { pipe("/dev/xconsole" suppress(30) owner(-1) group(-1) perm(-1)); }; #log { source(src); source(chroots); filter(f_console); destination(xconsole); };# # All messages except iptables and the facilities news and mail: # destination messages { file("/var/log/messages" suppress(30) owner(-1) group(-1) perm(-1)); }; log { source(src); source(chroots); filter(f_messages); destination(messages); }; Is syslog-ng actually installed? But I guess another syslog implementation would be pulled in automatically in that case, which should write to /var/log/messages as well.

You can't install rsyslog and syslog-ng (or any other syslog implementation) at the same time as they conflict.

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(at 13.1 at least, not sure if that was the case already in 11.4 but I think so) I'm pretty sure therefore that syslog-ng is not installed at all (the config files stay even when you uninstall it) and that's why it doesn't work.

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