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In Chennai, I had noticed that people rarely gave me a second glance, unlike many other places in India where I was often leered at and photographed by groups of men. So, on a whim, I decided to embark on a solo trip through Tamil Nadu.I wanted to see some of the state's temples and my husband wasn't interested in joining me.Plus, I wanted to experience what it would be like as a single, white, female traveling alone and on a budget.I planned a whirlwind itinerary: six destinations in 10 days.Apart from flights there and back, I would travel to each destination by bus or train, and stay in hotels priced from 500-2,000 rupees (-40) per night.I researched, planned and made all my travel arrangements myself -- so I really would be alone.

"It's different there."I was no stranger to south India.

After all, I'd lived in Kerala for eight months.

I'd also visited quite a few places in Karnataka, Chennai a couple of times, and infamously drove an auto rickshaw from Chennai to Mumbai.

However, knowing that Tamil Nadu is one of India's more conservative states, I made sure I packed accordingly -- Indian clothes only and all with short sleeves (unlike the sleeveless I commonly wear at home in cosmopolitan Mumbai).

It was with some trepidation and the usual touch of paranoia that I arrived at Madurai airport, my first destination, wondering what to expect.

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How would people treat me and how hard would it be to travel around by myself?

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