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So I teased Shade about heading back to my place to show me her cooking skills (which seemed the only skill she possessed).

She was very willing to and we ended up spending the night doing what i like to do best. She had discovered I had the koko and was busy scheming on how to hook me. If a guy truly likes you he will date you no matter what.

Next morning, she woke up early and cooked a fantastic breakfast. Stop doing the domestic thing at the first opportunity you get. What’s the best route to take when someone you are not interested in asks you out on a date?

The life of a single guy can be very hectic particularly if you are a good-looking dude with all the right accessories.

I don’t mean to be cocky, but I must say I am blessed. Let’s just say in Iyanya’s words “shorty’s come for the money and the body”.

She excitedly showed me several pictures of Shade in the hope that I would want to hook up with her and maybe miraculously decide to settle down with her.Problem was Shade wasn’t attractive to the eyes, but my colleague convinced me that the angles of the pictures were just not right.To further prove her point, she invited Shade over to our office and my initial speculations were confirmed. But my colleague wouldn’t let up and we ended up agreeing to hanging out that Friday.Throughout the date I tried to keep my mind open and not be too judgmental but I couldn’t just help it. Her conversation skills were zero, personality zero, all she wanted to know was what kind of stuff I liked and when I responded she would quickly chip in her love for whatever it was I said I liked.To say the least, It was a very tiresome and irritating date.

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