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While attempting to break up with her during post-coital eggs, Ann told him she wanted him to have space. was reminded of similar times that made him aroused so he slept with her. She and the rest of the Veal family celebrated in a giant group hug. and Ann announced their wedding to the Bluth family at Balboa Towers and received no attention from the family. He asked Michael to be his Best Man and illusion assistant but Michael refused. The crowd was taken aback by the blasphemous performance and G. He was knocked unconscious and was carted into a storage locker.

finds a new group of friends after his relationship falls apart and his family abandons him. ran away then spoke with Ann about the future of their relationship and his hopeful magic career. spoke with Jackson about the animals he had on his person that drowned when Lucille stole the RMS Queen Mary.

He then realized the relationship meant nothing to him so he snuck into Ann's room to break up with her.

then announced that he was going to perform a wedding illusion on And As It Is Such, So Also As Such Is It Unto You. Instead, Tobias acted as Centurion #2 during the Jesus' crucifixion illusion. was unable to unlock his handcuffs so couldn't break his fall into a secret compartment.

also confessed that his bee business was going poor due to his sick bees. survived in the storage locker for two weeks on nothing but red licorice vines until found by the filming of Locker Hawkers: Something Smells Terrible Edition.

took the pamphlet's advice and tried to be a better man by reuniting with his son Steve Holt at the And Jeremy Piven club.

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