Ultrasound dating accuracy 11 weeks

The scan will also check the position of the placenta (afterbirth) and the amount of fluid around the fetus (amniotic fluid). While measuring and examining the fetus, one can sometimes detect the development of structural abnormalities in the fetus.Fortunately most fetuses are normal but in about 5% an abnormality is present. Not all parents want to know before the birth whether their fetus is normal or not because they may feel too upset when a problem is detected many weeks before the birth. To look for abnormalities in the fetus is therefore optional.If you don’t want to be informed about any abnormal findings in the fetus, you must tell the person examining you before the scan is started.Husbands or partners are always welcome in the ultrasound room.The technology is similar to that used to make animated cartoons like Shrek, so that the image you see on the ultrasound monitor is really a computer-constructed image, not a true peek at the baby itself.

Those beautiful pictures that you see in magazines are known as 3D ‘surface rendered’ images.

In other words, the ultrasound machine uses sophisticated software to construct an image of the baby as you would see it ‘with the skin on’.

A pregnancy ultrasound or scan, is an imaging test that uses sound waves to see how a baby is developing in the womb.

These scans are used during the course of the pregnancy to monitor fetal growth and development.

Ultrasound waves cause no harm to the mother or fetus Some things are looked at in every scan, others relate to pregnancy duration & fetal size.

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