Updating a garmin

If you don’t have the cable at hand you can enter the serialnumber of the device in the box above the After downloading the Garmin Express (and having Nuvi unit connected to the PC ) install it in your computer.After installation the program will automatically detect the connected satnav and will access the free available updates for it (of course you need to have an Internet connection).Depending on the model, the program will detect updates for the software of the device as well as free updates for maps. It will firstly update the navigation software of the Garmin Nuvi device and then it will proceed with the download of the latest available maps storing them in your computer temporary .The download process of the maps may take 2-3 hours depending on your Internet speed, the availability of the server and the size of the downloaded files.

After copying the maps you will receive a confirmation message from the Garmin Express program: button we can see the storage memory and how much of it has been taken by the new maps as well as the available space.

You can also delete or change the sets of maps or you can make a backup of your navigation unit in your computer which is an extremely useful function.message will appear on the screen which means that the new software and the update maps are loading in its memory.

This process will take a couple of minutes and afterwards the regular menu of the device will load.

This is everything you need to know and it isn’t very difficult.

Basically, we can update maps on the Garmin Nuvi with Lifetime Maps easy without needing to have advanced knowledge of a computer, but simply by following some simple installation, connection, download and copy operations.

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