Updating nokia n95 firmware

I share his pain personally as I use an N95 on T-Mobile in the UK and it lags way behind non-operator models in firmware updates.

Hugely frustrating when you know there’s firmware that makes your device perform and function better, but you can’t get your hands on it.

And now we have some news – the N95-3 will be getting a firmware update next month (estimated).

Version 20.0.015 firmware for the Nokia N95 classic is now available via Nokia Software Update. ), so 30MB plus free RAM after booting, faster operation, N-Gage game store previews and portal stub, new camera software, integrated Search, new Welcome apps and more. Please remember that a firmware update will delete all data from your C drive (internal memory). You may also wish to perform a sync with your PC to ensure any data you entered on your phone is on your PC. This is generally a 'cleaner' method than restoring a backup (e.g.

– The original source of Amy Gahran’s problems stem from Nokia Software Update.

The software responsible for ensuring the latest version of firmware is available on your device.

you may have manually installed Nokia Search version 4 [as it would be included in a backup], but is integral to the new firmware).

We recommend you make a backup regardless of which method you choose.

The NSU team tell us that over 8 million devices have successfully been through the update process and the failure rate is “very low”.

Recently support for the NSU on Vista was removed due to a recent update of the operating system and the NSU team is working on a fix before its supported again.

There isn’t a timeline available for when this will happen, but if you’re using Vista the team would really like to hear from you.

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Ricky Cadden, AKA Symbian Guru raised a very valid point in his comment yesterday about why the N95-3 hasn’t had the same firmware updates as other N95 variants.

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