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I hate dealing with tapes, pretty much every aspect of them.The tracking of them is a PITA, having to physically manage them is a PITA, dealing with tape library issues is a PITA, dealing with tape encryption is a PITA, running out of tapes is a PITA, dealing with legal hold for tapes is a PITA, and I could keep going on with the many ways that tape just sucks.What makes matters worse is when you have to deal with MORE tapes.Now that you know tapes are one of my personal seven levels of hell in IT, you’ll know why I put a bit of time into this solution.What that means is when you backup data to a storage policy and want to copy it to tape, that data getting copied to tape will automatically reserve the entire tape being used.In turn, each storage policy then reserves its own unique tapes so that data does not co-mingle together.

I’m going to first explain why the problem is occurring, and then I’ll go over how I’ve reduced most of the waste. In CV, we have storage policies, and short of going into an explanation of what they are for others not familiar with CV, just think of it as an island of backup data.

That island of data doesn’t co-mingle with other islands of data on disk, and tape is no exclusion.

Anything I can do to reduce the number of tapes getting exported every day, ultimately leads to some reduction in the PITA scale of tapes.

To provide a better understanding of the issue at hand, for years I’ve been seeing way too many tapes being used by CV.

We’d kick out tapes that had 5% or 10% consumption, and the number of tapes with that level of consumption varied based on what phase of our backup strategy we were in, and what day of the week it was.

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It could be anything as small as 4 partially filled tapes, to times where we had 10+ tapes that weren’t filled all the way up.

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