Validating certificate trust for windows mobile devices

Subject = SERIALNUMBER=07969287, CN=Go Daddy Secure Certification Authority, OU= O="Go, Inc.", L=Scottsdale, S=Arizona, C=US, See KB 927465 for more details.Once we cleaned things up our Active Sync connection test was successful: Note that we are using a test user account that was created just for this task.Once we have all of our troubleshooting issues taken care of we will delete this account.The KB referenced in the above failed test results: Note that if ISA/TMG is running in front of the SBS network that the OS ISA runs on top of must also have the intermediate certificates installed according to the above instructions. Support code: 0x80072F0D So far, we have ran through and verified that the Go Daddy certificate and Intermediate Certificate Authority certificates are installed correctly.We set up a test e-mail account to help with our troubleshooting using the Microsoft Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer.This is the result: When we drill into the Test Details section to come up with the reason we see: Validating certificate trust for Windows Mobile Devices Certificate trust validation failed.Additional Details Missing intermediate certificate in Certificate Chain.

We've installed it using Verisign SSL certificates and OWA works fine. I've tested in on get the following results, can anyone help please?

Testing Exchange Activesync for host https://uk/microsoft-server-activesync/ Exchange Activesync test Failed Test Steps Attempting to Resolve the host name uk in DNS. The certificate passed all validation requirements. Test Steps Validating certificate name Successfully validated the certificate name Additional Details Found hostname uk in Certificate Subject Common name Validating certificate trust for Windows Mobile Devices Certificate is trusted and all certificates are present in chain Additional Details Certificate is trusted for Windows Mobile 5 and Later platforms.

As we go through the current SBS v7 migration we have hit a few different issues.

This SBS is using a Go Daddy certificate where everything is seemingly set up correctly, but Active Sync does not agree.

Microsoft Exchange Result: The security certificate on the server is not valid.

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