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The early history of Bechtel is a lesson in American ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and the changing face of transportation and civil engineering. From railroads, highways, pipelines, and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge to the iconic Hoover Dam—this is a story of building America. left Kansas for the Oklahoma Territory where he found his life’s work.

Bechtel, a family man of innate engineering talent and a businessman committed to excellence.

Experience 1898–1940 By the late 1800s, Southern Pacific Railroad had laid 8,000 miles (12,875 kilometers) of track connecting the American West. was offered a job with Southern Pacific's engineering department. From 1898 to 1906, Dad, as he was called, chased the railroads west, working on the network of branch lines threading through the region. and a rented steam shovel, he landed a subcontract on a Western Pacific Railroad project. The first was that he would always use the most modern equipment and techniques available.

Smaller carriers extended to more remote regions, including the Oklahoma Territory where W. Bechtel worked as a laborer building a frontier railroad. In 1906, he made his first venture toward independence. The second was that, whenever possible, he would collaborate with others.

In , he packed up for Oregon with his wife, Clara; young sons Warren Jr. By 1912, Dad had assembled a team that included his brother, Art, and Colley.

Together, they completed three small subcontracts and then their first big job, a 106-mile (171-kilometer) link for the Northwestern Pacific Railroad through Eel River Canyon, which was completed in 1914.

In 1919, he received his first federal highway contract, quickly followed by other highway jobs. The next year would mark another first: construction of Bowman Dam, at the time the world’s second-largest rock-filled dam.

Later that year, with construction of Hoover Dam moving along at a brisk pace, Dad visited the Soviet Union, where he died suddenly. But the most enduring monument Dad built was not a dam or a railroad; it was a set of ideals embodied in the family firm that would bear his name into the next century.Klaus Wowereit recently explained how his politics have helped to transform Berlin into a leading startup hub in Europe and to create the "Entrepreneurial Spirit" of the city as an differentiating factor. On Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of March, 2017 Mountain Partners welcomes 500 selected participants to its Annual Network Event ' Unternehmertag 2017' at Lake Tegernsee.Please visit Glänzer, Founder of Passion Capital, explains why he is a professional "nay-sayer" and why european entrepreneurs need a higher willingness to take risks in order not to miss the boat to the valley.Watch this personal comment of Stefan Glänzer on what really makes a startup sexy.For him, its a mix of the entrepreneurial spirit of the team, the uniqueness of the technology and the general market opportunity.

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