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has 117 genes encoding peptidases but a small number of genes encoding carbohydrate active enzymes (51 CAZymes).Metallo and serine peptidases were found most frequently.Among CAZymes, eight glycoside hydrolase families, nine glycosyl transferase families, two carbohydrate binding module families and four carbohydrate esterase families were identified.Suprisingly, polysaccharides utilization loci (PULs) were not found in strain GH29-5 will give further insights into the variety of CAZymes and the polysaccharide decomposition potential of this microrganism.Here we present the set of carbohydrate active enzymes, polysaccharide utilization loci and peptidases of ].In short: the tree was inferred from 1254 aligned characters of the 16S r RNA gene sequence under the maximum likelihood (ML) criterion.The branches are scaled in terms of the expected number of substitutions per site.Numbers adjacent to the branches are support values from 1000 ML bootstrap replicates ().

Interestingly, environmental 16S r RNA gene sequences with 99 % sequence identity with ] at 28 °C.

Genomic DNA was isolated using a Jetflex Genomic DNA Purification Kit (GENOMED 600100) following the standard protocol provided by the manufacturer.

DNA is available from the DSMZ through the DNA Bank Network [].

All raw sequence data were passed through DUK, a filtering program developed at DOE-JGI, which removes known Illumina sequencing and library preparation artifacts (Mingkun L, Copeland A, Han J: DUK. Parameters for assembly steps were: 1) Velvet (“velveth 63 -short Paired” and “velvetg -very_clean yes -export Filtered yes -min_contig_lgth 500 -scaffolding no -cov_cutoff 10”), (2) wgsim (“wgsim -e 0–1 100–2 100 -r 0 -R 0 -X 0”) (3) Allpaths–LG (“Prepare Allpaths Inputs: PHRED_64 = 1 PLOIDY = 1 FRAG_COVERAGE = 125 JUMP_COVERAGE = 25 LONG_JUMP_COV = 50” and “Run Allpaths LG THREADS = 8 RUN = std shredpairs TARGETS = standard VAPI_WARN_ONLY = True OVERWRITE = True”).

The final draft assembly contained 57 contigs in 54 scaffolds.

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The total size of the genome is 2.9 Mbp and the final assembly is based on 331.3 Mbp of data, which provides a 114.2x average coverage of the genome.].

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