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Originally, the Museum's library was an amalgamation of what were once two private collections. van Gogh formed part of the agreement reached on 21 July 1962 between the Vincent van Gogh Foundation and the Dutch State whereby all works and documents belonging to the Foundation were placed on permanent loan to the State. The ex-libris was designed by his step-father, the artist Johan H. Cohen Gosschalk, presumably in 1907, the year Vincent Willem started studying in Delft. Henceforth each acquisition was given a BVG shelf mark (Bibliotheek Vincent van Gogh).

The first books belonged to the engineer Dr Vincent Willem van Gogh (1890-1978), son of Vincent's brother Theo, and the Belgian art historian and man of letters Dr Mark Edo Tralbaut (1902-1976). Virtually every book from this collection is stamped IR. The goal was to make the greatest possible number of books and documents about Van Gogh available when the new museum opened its doors.

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