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According the Entropic Memes, a blog billing itself as a “random musings on history, politics, and more,” baseball metaphors first appeared in a book about politics in 1920 and then again in a magazine article in 1936.Both times however, the terms referred only to progress in general. All that started to change however in 1940’s when a writer for a popular magazine for secretaries warned her fictitious younger sister just entering the work force to avoid office gossip.The sister’s advice included samples of typical office gossip followed by this observation about one of the gossipers, “that from a girl who’d tried to flirt with John and didn’t get to first base.” Ok, but none of these instances though made any references to sex or relationships and all of them stopped at first base.No mention of second base or “grand slam,” “balk” or “rookies” for that matter.Jimmy Dugan+ With assistance from Mae Mordabito A site blending our passion for baseball, sex and cherry pie must, by definition alone, have the web’s most comprehensive list of baseball relationship and sex metaphors.No one knows for sure when baseball terms became synonymous with sex but whoever started it ought to have a bleacher section at The Jake in Cleveland named after him.It’s such a simple concept that makes describing what happened last night between you and your significant other to a friend easier than hitting a home-run at mile high Coors Field.Historically, metaphors linking sex and baseball are a fairly recent development.

The pitch came in a 1965 letter to Ann Landers from a 13 year old girl asking what “getting to second base” meant.The ever-prudent Landers advised the girl to “get out of the line-up and stay on the bench for a couple of years.” However well meaning, Landers’ advice went unheeded by lovers of baseball and loving.The ball had found a gap in the outfield and was rolling to the fence.The runners, shall we say, were rounding the bases.So here is Home Runs & Cherry Pie’s complete, comprehensive, and exhaustive list of baseball and sex metaphors.

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