When do jackie and hyde start dating

Hyde becomes a second son to them when Kitty goes through menopause.Red, when talking to Steven and Eric, refers to it as "the thing thats taken over YOUR mother".Later in the series Hyde finds a job working at the Foto Hut with his burned-out hippie boss Leo (), until Leo suddenly leaves town, because he remembers he was only supposed to stay in Point Place for a short time yet stayed for eight years, leaving his family behind.Ironically enough, during his tenure in the Foto Hut, he was the more responsible worker between himself and Leo, even telling his own boss off for not doing his job.

It is evidenced thus that Hyde has a sense of propriety and responsibility to rival that of his friend Eric's, yet is not proud of it as he is more accustomed to his stoner lifestyle.Relationships Hyde's first love interest was a proto-punk girl who ultimately left him to start a punk band in New York. In Season 3, there is almost a foresight of their relationship, at the Forman's Veteran's Day BBQ, when Jackie's date Chip calls her a bitch behind her back., Record Store Manager title = callsign = family = Edna Hyde (Mother) William Barnett (Father) Bud Hyde (Step-father) Angie Barnett (Half-sister)Half Brother spouse = Samantha (ex-wife) relatives = residence = , in the sense that he despises authority and is rarely interested in getting into a serious relationship. Though he may seem sarcastic and careless, over the course of the series a more mellow, lovable side of Hyde has revealed itself through his shows of gratitude towards the Formans for taking him in after his mother abandoned him, and his treatment of his significant others in his few relationships.Hyde is potentially the smartest member of the group, hinted at in the episodes "Halloween" and "Eric Gets Suspended," among others, but simply refuses to apply himself.Steven was abandoned by his mother, Edna Hyde (), had left some years earlier.

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