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So it felt much more natural…which is why I felt like some of the criticism was unfair because Willow would not be knocking down buildings having sex regardless, right?

Benson: Even if it had been with Xander…it really wasn’t inherently who she was.

Quite the opposite: you guys had us believing that Tara was loving in vain and that Willow had no idea what was going on. It was not filmed for male consumption; it wasn’t two hot chicks making out. And I really loved the way the you guys worked oral sex into what really going on.

The lovely thing was the way that they eventually became lovers. And even the way Joss did it in was that he had us do this amazingly intense kiss—I’m talking saliva trails--and he turned that in because he knew if he gave them (the censors) something really “out there” that they would tell him, no, you’ve got to cut it down, and so he did and we got something sweeter but still real.

But that became one of the criticisms of that relationship: well, it’s not sexual enough and that came both from the general population but also from the lesbian community who wanted to see… Women and women having sex because that’s what real women have, but you guys shied away from that except on a metaphorical level. And let’s face it, Willow wasn’t all that sexual of the character to begin with.

We can’t kiss, all this stuff we’re not allowed to do. one of the guys on the crew was gay and he said, “Look, I know you guys have a kind of anger that you can’t embrace that aspect of the relationship, but what is important here is that you guys are making it okay. But you have to understand that what you are doing is making social commentary.” And that made me feel a lot better even though I still felt that it was wrong; that it wasn’t fair.

“It’s not about making out, even though you would like that.

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