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A purchase of "cash equivalents"—items that can be used as or changed into cash—from any seller other than a financial institution.

Examples of cash equivalents may include casino gaming chips, foreign currency, money orders, wire transfers and travelers checks from a non-financial institution.

Please refer to your account agreement to find out what types of transactions your credit card issuer considers cash equivalents. A cashier's check will not usually bounce because the amount it is written for is paid to the bank when it is issued, and the bank then assumes the obligation.

They can include the following: Bill Pay is a Bank of America Online Banking service that allows you to pay your bills online using your checking account.

In addition, you can elect to receive e-Bill–electronic versions of your paper credit card bills–from Bank of America and a variety of other companies, including AT&T Long Distance, Sears and Texaco.

See the list of companies currently offering e-Bills. Bank cash advances, check cash advances and direct deposits are all cash advances.

A fee that is charged either yearly or monthly for the use of your credit card if your account is open or if you maintain an account balance, whether or not you have active charging privileges.

Monthly charges will appear on your statement as "Monthly Maintenance Fee" and annual charges as "Annual Fee".

An arrangement that automatically deducts funds from your account (usually a checking account) on the day you choose in order to pay a recurring bill (such as car, insurance, mortgage payments, etc.) The sum of all the daily account balances during an accounting period (usually a monthly statement cycle) divided by the number of days in the same period.

May be used to determine whether a service charge applies or whether your account qualifies for special services or discounts.

See "minimum daily balance." A type of cash advance you take out on a credit card account.

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