Who is jessica origliasso dating 2016

Lisa and Jessica impressed music executive Hayden Bell with their demo tracks, and were signed to Excalibur Productions Australia as songwriters in 2004.

Bae Ki Sung praised her contemporary hit So-So and said, Its challenging to trust that any individual every bit young as 24 wrote those mature lyrics. I also would like to date once Iin findingan excellent person.

They say its just right for my songwriting to get plenty ofstories and enjoyother emotions.

The following single, "Untouched" became their global breakthrough song, reaching the top twenty of the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and the top twenty in seven other countries, including number one in Ireland.

They embarked on the Revenge Is Sweeter tour, their first to go global, which began in February 2009 and ended December.

After concluding the tour, Lisa and Jessica decided to take time off from the group.

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