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Even recently, when the singer “traveled to Cleveland for basketball play-offs last month, Tameka followed him.

You had the farcical situation of Tameka running around town trying to find him and Usher ordering friends not to tell her where he was staying.” So who is Usher’s mystery woman?

Usher Raymond is America’s heartthrob when it comes to R and B singing and also hip hop. He is a hot favorite among women because his good looks.

Also, his success with female fans was because he was a bachelor boy for a very long time.

However, she later claimed in an interview that her main reason for the split was that she found out Usher cheating on her.

Usher denied all this, and said they just fell apart and he never cheated on her.

Usher is only 31 years old and he has achieved tremendous success in the music industry very soon.

Usher was popular in the beginning of his career because he was dating the then famous Rozonda Chili Thomas fondly known as Chili.

Usher, 30, and his wife Tameka, 38, were married in 2007 and have two children. Since the day it became known he was dating Tameka, friends and family have been telling him she’s not right for him,” a source told Radaronline.

Sources report that friends and family are happy Usher is divorcing Tameka. Usher’s mother, Jonetta Patton, even boycotted Foster and Usher’s August 2007 wedding after Tameka wanted to have her fired as Usher’s manager.

“And Tameka threatened to ban her own mother from the ceremony because her mom had lost her false teeth,” says the insider.

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That ceremony didn’t happen but the couple got married a week later at a lawyer’s office. “Tameka was fighting to save the marriage,” our source says.

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