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Of course, there are always two sides to every story and in this case, two sides to every relationship.J-Nicks may have been dating Amber Priddy, but it was pretty clear that both of them were doing their own thing on the side, too.J even admitted that he was considering dropping Amber because he really has a thing for Scrapp De Leon’s baby mama, Tiarra.Yung Joc knew that J-Nicks wasn’t all that hung up on Amber, which is apparently why he let the girl into his own bed soon after seeing her during the card game with his buddies.How many people did Arnold Schwarzenegger kill in the movie True Lies? What are the release dates for Jackie Gleason American Scene Magazine - 1962 Gleason Gaities 1963 1-30? What are the release dates for Lady Baffles and Detective Duck in Saved by a Scent - 1915?fans got to see just how far Yung Joc would go with J-Nicks’ girl, Amber Priddy.

Amber was incredibly flirtatious with Bobby, but when she tried to wipe a spill off of Yung Joc’s crotch, J-Nicks got a little upset.That led the men to discuss whether or not J-Nicks needed to let Amber go.It seemed they were all in agreement that Amber tended to act like she was at work even when she wasn’t, and that she gets way too friendly with other men even though she is a stripper and it’s her job.In a when Yung Joc explains how Amber put it all out there and invited herself into his bed.But Joc doesn’t feel like it’s a big deal since his buddy has been considering ditching Amber for Tiarra anyway.

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