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When all is said and done, Zack realizes that he really loves Maya, and even when faced with breaking up with her, he prefers to stay together then to break up.From the beginning, it is made clear that Zack has a huge crush on her.He tries asking her out several times, but Maya turns him down each time because of his reputation as a player.He then tries to win her over by using Cody's Six Month Plan, but does not modify it for Maya, so he replicates the Corn Festival, which confuses Maya and actually made things worse for him.Then the hotel's teenage gift shop clerk Maddie steps in as part-time babysitter and foil to the twins' pranks. Moseby, they try to turn the hotel into their playground, and along the way make friends and foe with the disparate staff, guests and residents including the owner's spoiled daughter London. When she is around, Zack almost completely loses his obnoxiousness, not counting the few insults he throws out while she is around.

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Zack and Cody Martin are 14-year-olds whose lives change when their single mom gets a job as the headlining singer at Boston's swankiest hotel and, as part of her contract, an upper floor suite in which they all now live.

Maddie Fitzpatrick is the hotel's teenage gift shop clerk and part-time babysitter who foils the twins' antics; London Tipton is the hotel owner's spoiled daughter; Carey Martin is the twin's mother and Mr. While mom works to keep them in line, the twins are elated with the amenities of their new home, especially room service, a swimming pool, a game room and a candy counter.

In the end, however, the two agree to be just friends, which satisfies Maya, but it leaves Zack in a plotting state, hoping that this will lead to her liking him.

Zack and Maya, along with London and Woody, end up trapped in London's shoe submarine, and almost "die".

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