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Her disappearance echoes that of two other women, one in Arizona and one in Nevada.The three women lived within a roughly 100-mile radius of one another and were around the same age.Verna Clayton, who would be 73 now, was last seen in June 2008 in the small town of Dolan Springs, Arizona.Neva Jane Lindley, who would be 77 now, was last seen in November 2011 in Las Vegas.Both cashed out their financial assets just before they disappeared.Both had begun a relationship with a man they met online.

Baggs spoke to her 72-year-old mother once on the phone three days later and hasn't heard from her since.

Now authorities are trying to figure out if Hartz was the victim of a serial predator.

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With her Arizona home sold and most of her belongings packed up, Nancy Rae Hartz was ready to spend her golden years on the road.

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  1. The depth of a person’s voice, the smell of their perfume and how they behave in general is all assumed from what they have posted on their profile. Suppose that one does decide to forgo the essence of a real meeting and chooses profiles that they like on an online dating site, but that does not guarantee success anyway!