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I’ve met some interesting women.” “It must be wild.They love to appeal to our fears about the internet.” “I think it’s real. A perfect example of the media using “hot topics” to get hits. ” I started laughing, thinking she was joking, cleverly being ironic, but she wasn’t.” “I asked you for a story that was wild and sexy, not crazy and sad.” “Well, how about this – I found this interesting.Did you see that video of the 89 year grandfather who fooled all these young women on Tinder? I should know, I just wrote something titled “4 Lessons from My Month on Tinder,” which received more feedback than any post that I’ve written on my own personal blog this year. ” I thought when you said threesome, you meant two women.” “No. So far, no offers for threesomes with two women.” “Anything else really wild and crazy? As I am swiping on Tinder – yes, no, yes, no – I come across a transgender person.” “How did you know? I am transgender.” “OK.” “And I know transgender issues are big now, with that terrific TV show, Transparent.But the truth is, most people on these dating sites are just normal people looking for love.” “Ha ha, yeah… ” “Well, there was one woman who said that before we met for coffee she wanted to Skype.” “Ooh, for sex talk? She gave me a third degree straight out of “Law and Order” – “Do you smoke? And you know how I am all for LGBT rights, but when I actually encountered a transgender person on a dating site, it made me stop in my tracks.You thought that guy who released a clenched-cheek air biscuit fly on your date last week was bad.Well look just one of the women on “Wigs,” the Internet’s wackiest You Tube channel, has to deal with.Her life is about fending off the father of her child, who also happens to be the father of their love interest, who also happens to have impregnated them in high school. The You Tube channel spotlights women’s stories—ones that are more complex and difficult than what we’re used to seeing in TV and movies—and each mini-series is titled after the leading woman: Blue, Serena, Christine often played by big names, like Julia Stiles, Jennifer Garner, and America Ferrera.This isn’t just drama, it’s psycho levels of drama.

” “Well, yesterday, I did get a Tinder offer to join a couple in a threesome.” “Now, that’s more like it! I thought about writing about this in a blog post.” “No way. ” “Because it sounds like you are anti-transgender.” “I’m not anti-transgender.

I’m just being honest about confronting my own bias. ” “You sound very judgmental.” “I’m probably more open than a lot other people.

Oh also, Julia Stiles plays a marketing exec named Blue, who moonlights as a prostitute, for Christ’s sake.

The most recent series is about Christine, a woman who has a husband and two daughters, but who is addicted to speed dating.

Conversation with my friend Craig, who I met in the street. ” “That’s the media blowing things up to write salacious articles.

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