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These are nice looking, well constructed comfortable shoes but they run very small.

I have worn a size 6 my whole life but in these I ended up keeping a size 7!

I tried 3 different sizes before ending up with the size 7.

I didn't think they would fit because even though they are sized as wide, they looked too narrow.

I work as a real state agent and yes, I meet lot of people because my job, but most of my clients are married people who want to buy a home of their dreams.

I’ve been really busy taking care of my business and I realized I’ve forgot to take care of my personal life, so, I found and decide to give it a try that’s why I also decide to create this post to spread it all over the world since I’ve decide to change my life and give it more sense.

So here are my nickname at xdating olexhot78 you can reach me there and I will be more than happy to exchange few words with any one whose interested.

Hi, My name is Olexis and like my friend blog describe I want to share with you my most wild and intimate side to all the readers.

First of all I wish to let you know, why I decide to join a site like I took that decision due a lack of time to meet new people because I spend a lot of time busy with my job.I've only had them on around the house because I'm waiting to see if I need to return them, but so far they feel pretty good, like a high quality walking shoe.I liked the way this shoe looked and the arch came in exactly the right place.I would have kept it as a good everyday shoe (though it was not "cushy" enough for a good walking shoe, and I expect the arch support might not have been strong enough for that either), except for that there was not enough room in the toe box.

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