Slinking along the narrow hallway toward the dressing rooms, I almost ran over another performer."Oh, I'm sorry," I apologized."Whoa, watch where yer goin there, big guy," a familiar voice said, and my eyes widened as the performer turned around to reveal…Two-Bit."Two-Bit?! Curtis," a stage assistant informed me, and I nodded my acknowledgement.

" I yelled in disbelief, shock and horror enveloping my body. Didn't know if I was gonna see you here my first night or not! Butterflies alighted in my stomach for the first time since after I had started working here.

"So, in the spirit of things, I wrote this piece about Darry being an exotic dancer.

The XXX live show downtown was Tulsa's only strip club.

It featured both men and women exotic dancers as well as scantily clad waiters and waitresses.

When I had been laid off from my night job at the factory, I had been desperate for another job; my roofing job just wasn't going to cut it with two teenaged boys to support. I know, I know, I said all that crap about not wanting a job 'cause it would ruin my rep, but I didn't know there was something like this out there…I mean I shake my groove thang and I get some money, that seems almost like stealing to me! "Plus, it'll give us time to hang out some more, I know it's hard with you working two jobs and all, but I really miss hangin out with you, Dar."He actually had made the last part sound sincere, I had to give him that. "I have to go get dressed, I…I guess I'll see you on stage.""More like UNdressed! " nudged Two-Bit as he winked at me, and with that, he bounded off. Back in the dressing room, I steeled myself for the performance ahead of me.

I had literally looked everywhere, begging and pleading, but to no avail. Loud music pumped out of the place and assaulted my ears as I opened the door. Even though I thought this was ridiculous, I still took it pretty seriously.

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The first time I had opened the door, I had considered pressing charges against the amps for assault and battery of eardrums, but now I was so used to it I barely noticed it. Chalk it up to that drive I have to excel in everything I do, but damnit when I was out on that stage I wanted to be the best exotic dancer in Tulsa."Five minutes, Mr.

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